Massage Therapy

First-time appointments will accommodate 15 minutes of treatment time for consultation and informed consent. Appointments are also available in Ogdensburg; call the office for more details.


Himalayan Salt Stones - Hot Stone Massage

Using Himalayan Salt Stones, the massage therapist massages your body and helps deliver a myriad of health benefits. Clients could experience anxiety relief, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation. Tension dissipates, and there is an improved flow of energy in the body, with higher mental alertness. With the Himalayan Salt Stones, negative ions are emitted when heated, and they give an additional boost of protection against airborne germs due to the Stones being antimicrobial and antibacterial.

$80 an hour; $50 for 30 minutes

Swedish Massage

Light to Medium pressure is used. It increases circulation, decreases stress and feelings of anxiety.

30 minutes: $40, 60 minutes: $70, 90 minutes: $100



Therapeutic Massage

Uses deeper pressure to work our knots and tightness. Stretching is incorporated into the massage if necessary.

30 minutes: $40, 60 minutes: $70, 90 minutes: $100


Thai Massage

A series of stretches and compressions, this treatment increases energy and range of motion, improves posture, and reduces fascial restrictions and back pain. Traditionally done on a mat on the floor, the technique used here is on the table. The client is clothed in loose, comfortable, cotton clothing.

90 minutes: $100



The use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. May reduce stress, relieve pain, and lift one's mood.


Add-on: $5

**Cupping coming soon!**

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